Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the knotweed thread

So here is my query from Carolina Garden Web, the forum that solved my Japanese Knotweed mystery:


What has kept me from throwing this thing away is a new clue that I uncovered over the weekend..... Mine may be a less-than invasive version that blooms red in the late summer. To be safe, I will contain it inside of a large pot (possibly an old recycled trash can- Oscar the Grouch style). I remember my neighbor said it was a red bloomer. The roadside pest has flowers of white. And his mature clumps look tame. Tall....but tame.

P.S., another common name for this plant, besides "Mexican bamboo," is "kiss me over the garden gate." Hmmm. I don't think I am ready for that.


Frank Hyman said...

Victor, I'm knot familiar :-) with the plant, but have heard of it and have heard that there is a less invasive garden variety. Don't know how to quantify the "less invasive" part. Best bet would be to deadhead the flowers so they don't set seed and keeping it in a pot is a good idea if it also runs. Sounds like a worthy experiment. If you come by the yard/plant sale this Sat. we might have some love-in-a-mist blooming. It happily seeds into our garden without being invasive. You can have some seeds when the time comes, or actually there's one in the lawnlet that could stand to be dug and donated if you're up for an adoption. Also we might still have some blackberry lilies, which are also nice seeder-inners. Have been getting more into self-seeding annuals--have some four o'clocks coming up in the back yard and hopefully the melampodium will also be returning as they are just one of my favorite things in the garden. take care, Frank Hyman

Victor said...

Thanks Frank. I bought some of your blackberry lily at the SDG plant sale and I am hoping it seeds itself in around my side yard.

I appreciate the knotweed advice. I will play it safe.


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