Thursday, May 14, 2009

my great recession garden

Most of my good sun grows flowers and shrubs, so I do not usually keep a big kitchen garden. However, I can appreciate local produce whether it comes from a farmer or a friend's yard. Every summer I try to eke out some room for an eggplant or two, one tomato, and a couple of basil plants. Not much to keep track over.....see this related post from 2007.

But this year is different; everyone is growing a vegetable garden! So I decided to till up a good sized portion of my yard and join the movement. Now we have promises of squash, tomatoes, burgundy pole beans, basil (Thai and Genovese), bell peppers, chives, oregano, dill, eggplant (Chinese and “regular?”), and pumpkins. And I threw in a few packs of zinnias and marigold seeds…..and a creeping jenny- just for show. My plot is too small given how far the pumpkin and squash vines will travel. But I'm planning on taking things as they come. A few snips here, a stepped on crooked-neck yellow squash there, I can handle it.

The sand and pebbles are to mark the spots where seedlings needed help to germinate. Although, with the dependable moisture over the past two weeks, I haven't really needed to tap the rain barrel. The post and twine set-up is to serve as a deterrent for my two dogs. If a tennis ball gets thrown in there, it probably will not stop them.

I will try to keep some pics up as the garden grows unless it becomes a huge failure. Then I will probably just post about my wildflowers growing in the ditch by the road.

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