Monday, November 9, 2009

one of the best evergreen screens for the South

These photos were taken today in the perennial allee at Sarah Duke Gardens. Most of the visitors do not notice the sasanqua camellias 11 months out of the year since they form the dark green backdrop for showier shrubs, yuccas, vines, tropicals, herbs, and native perennials. But today, this utilitarian backbone is smothered in a galaxy of light pink blooms.
It is a shame we don't see more privacy screens made up of these wonderful shrubs, which are native to Asia but have been a part of Southern landscapes for well over a hundred years. Compared to the cold weather blossoms of c. japonicas, c. sasanqua flowers may not be as impressive, but they can take more direct sun and drought. This particular variety is called Maiden's Blush.

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