Sunday, March 28, 2010


To Do?
haul fieldstone from Randolph County to Durham.
remove the bolted arugula from my vegetable bed (but not before photographing the white flowers)
move six cubic yards of compost and mulch from my driveway to the garden
hunt and capture a  balled and burlapped live oak tree (of "decent" size)
curse my yard's lack of a bright redbud tree...Done!
move my seedlings out from the basement light  and into the real outside sun and wind and rain
"demo" the miscanthus from a large downtown container garden and replace with.....something(s) succulent?
confirm that a strangely beautiful groundcover down the street does indeed go by the strange and beautiful name of "lady's mantle."

1 comment:

Victor Gordon said...

i guess i mean a live live oak tree...

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