Saturday, April 3, 2010

spring photos: late march - the first of april

Around central North Carolina, 80 degrees has become the new 70F. I've gone from photographing flowering cherry trees to noticing the scary volume of green foliage emerging from fig trees, oak trees, and perennials all over my garden. Here's to hoping that all that new growth doesn't get burned by a twenty seven degree morning ten days from now....and here's also to a glorious growing season that is quickly kicking past second gear (pollen and bugs and all)
Photos from top to bottom L to R: new hosta and viburnum growth; one of several newly planted Chinese redbud trees at Sarah P. Duke gardens; a fresh bottlebrush buckeye leaf; an easter rose also known as Japanese kerria; arugula flowers;  one of my later blooming daffodils.

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