Tuesday, May 25, 2010

other people's wwws: Bluebird Meadows

I love this blog. As farmers, flower merchants, builders, bloggers, CSA providers, and etc.,  this couple (Alice and Stuart) are busy enough that I wouldn’t fault them if they didn’t post for weeks on end. But they seem to find the time to post observations from the great outdoors and lots of beautiful pictures. Some of my favorite shots come from their stall at the Durham Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. Two other things I like about the Bluebird Meadows blog are the rotating blogroll (I am always aiming to keep piedmont plots in the top five of the most recently updated), and the masthead picture which changes every few weeks or months. I may have to copy those two ideas.

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Alice and Stuart said...

very kind words! Love the old school picture and notes on the asclepias. I'm always scared to try them as a cut because of the sap. Looking forward to seeing the work you did at Phoebe and Chuck's new place....

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