Tuesday, June 1, 2010

other people's wwws: Carl Sandburg Home and Connemara Farms

Last summer my family made a pilgrimage to the Carl Sandburg Home, a National Historic Site in Flat Rock, NC. We spent the whole time outside enjoying the trails, gardens, and farm buildings, but if we had had the whole day, we would have gone inside a wonderful house museum to learn more about Carl Sanburg (1878-1967).

At the Carl Sandburg Home, you can  learn a lot about his work as a  Lincoln biographer, poet, folklorist, journalist, songwriter, labor organizer, ...( *maybe one reason a lot of folks don't appreciate the Sandburg legacy as much today, is because it is hard to describe exactly "what he did."). 

Visitors can learn about  his wife Paula, and her acclaimed goat herd. The  descendents of these animals are still kept on the farm. Her dairy operation was nationally famous; the picture to the right is from the National Park Service's online exhibit about the Carl Sanburg Home, which has tons more images and information about the site in case you cannot make the drive in person.

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