Monday, June 7, 2010

wired grass

Here is the creeping bermuda grass that will cross a sidewalk in few weeks if left unchecked. Amazing isn't it? Its growth spurt makes me nervous...After five inches of rain in May and some recent dog days temps-wise, my outdoor chore list is looking more like an emergency plan. After mowing my lawn yesterday, I had to rake the clippings so they wouldn't lay on the ground as pungent, deadly, oxygen-depriving mats; it wasn't fun. I would have much rather been cutting a bouquet or snipping chives. As the mercury rises and the Solstice gets closer, I am also hacking some of my stalkiest (is that a word?) perennials down to size...swamp sunflower? sorry dude, but your 12 foot tower was a little too much last year. We'll see what you do now that you've been forced to bush out a bit at the waist. ....

Later on this week I will post some pictures of my container garden outside of the newly opened Scratch Bakery (111 Orange St., downtown Durham); what leaping bamboo looks like after right after its jailbreak; a great garden/nature blog whose pictures put mine to shame;  some shots of my Great Recession Kitchenette Garden; and a visit to the Sarah Duke Garden terraces- to gawk at a gorgeous staghorn sumac called 'tiger eyes'...But planning on all of that may be too ambitious for this week. I have some weeds to pull too.

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Randy Emmitt said...

My Swamp Sunflower was a monster last year 12 foot tall and all. It has doubled from last year, could it be taking over the planet?

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