Monday, July 12, 2010

elsewhere: central tyrrell county, north carolina

We spent this past weekend visiting my grandmother who lives between Fairfield and Columbia, NC in a farming community most folks haven't heard of.  A couple of years ago I wrote an essay about my memories of this place. I was glad my grandfather got to see that column before he died. This weekend's visit came in the Season of Tall Corn.  It's kind of like a little bit of Kansas sits less than an hour  from the Outer Banks.  The stalks photographed above grow less than thirty yards from my grandmother's kitchen door; she says that it makes the air still and hot. This farmed land belongs to a large scale agricultural operator that rotates the crop year by year...some summer it's potatoes and some it's soybeans. Through the last 25 years of growing seasons, the pines my grandfather and I  planted beside that field have grown and tall and straight.

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