Monday, July 19, 2010

the official start to late summer?

cuttings from this morning

I am not sure when late summer officially starts. Yesterday’s thunderstorms knocked over a loaded tomato plant, but that could have happened in June.. 5:30 am is not as light as it used to be and the night-time “lows” are pushing the sultry mid 70s. Large swaths of creeping Bermuda grass have had an ugly haze of seed heads since Wednesday…and of course, I couldn’t’ mow them down until Sunday. Despite the long dog days-stretch of summer ahead of us, I am not looking to cooler weather just yet. I am still enjoying the summer flowers in my perennial border and my promising crop of tomatoes, baby watermelons, and squash.  But maybe I will change my mind this weekend.  Word has it that the triple digits are due. 

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Alice and Stuart said...

We changed our minds weeks ago. we're forgoing farming and I think turning to professional reading and napping. and eating.
sucks the DOT mowed down your flowers out there! I've noticed several of those types of plantings since you pointed it out.
and lovely arrangement.

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