Tuesday, July 6, 2010

other people's wwws: Monticello

Over the past week I noticed several garden related stories about Monticello. First, was the NY Times' piece on  the work being done to interpret the landscape there.....the always excellent Anne Raver explains that there's more to these gardens than a postcard picture. 

On Sunday I came across another reference to Monticello, this time from Pepperdine professor Wade Graham in a McClatchy op-ed piece. It made me think about those palladian windows that are so common in McMansions nowadays....

And lastly,  I just opened my mid-summer email from the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. They are helping out with an heirloom tomato tasting at Monticello later on this summer. It sounds like a good enough reason to go....if I could just find a weekend to get away from my own garden. Of course with this heat and lack of rain, I may need to seek out someone else's tomatoes.  

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