Wednesday, September 15, 2010

um, about that...

You know how you can be so sure of something that was never 100% in the first place? ….(like high speed rail plans near downtown Raleigh
Well  if I had done my homework before writing  yesterday's post, then I would have praised the  SDG's choice to plant Sedum spectabile… ‘Neon’  not  ‘Autum Joy.’
Compared to the almost ubiquitous rusty red of A.Joy,  ‘Neon’  flowers are more of a hot pink.  I'm jealous. 

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Alice and Stuart said...

I've been loving the sedum sightings. I'm completely smitten and want to plant a hundred ft. somewhere on the farm to cut and another few clumps for landscaping. i'm so jealous you get to walk through Duke Gardens so often!!!

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