Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wait for it.....

    If it has rained at all this month then I don’t remember it. But I have been finding rain sounds in my head. The flip-flops from college students make soft and steady drips throughout the Perkins-Bostock Library Plaza. Several mornings back I heard my chocolate chow mix scratching at the den rug. Her restless pawing sounded like miniaturized thunder. Am I going crazy? Well it isn’t 2007, so I can’t complain tooo much. 

Besides, there are plenty of things to enjoy in the yards and roadsides around town. Goldenrod is finally letting go of those tiny buds. Late September means that we can count on interesting seedpods, tall grasses (sorry turf grass), and some members of the Helianthus family to get us by until the next rain or mid-October.....whichever comes first. 
Goldenrod just before blooming. Behind is a clump of Red Switchgrass

podcast: from left to right- mimosa, Southern catalpa, trumpetvine

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