Friday, November 5, 2010

new Plensa sculptures in town..

On Tuesday, I noticed  the large Hewitt pottery pieces had been removed from the Nasher Museum's lawn. I was actually pretty disappointed to see this because of what I thought had been put in their absence.  As I cruised down Anderson Street at 25mph, sporting a newly acquired Durham Pace Car magnet on the back of my wagon, I slowed down for the light and glanced over a half-dozen newly planted American Hollies.  My thought was something like, "This totally screws up a perfect open lawn!" Left to reach their full size, the trees would one day murk the view of a gorgeous building.  But then the light turned red and I looked closer. I was happily surprised to see these trees were being being held by some pretty cool looking figures.

I visited the Nasher yesterday with my five year old son. On our way to the east entrance, he asked me  what the difference was between a statue and sculpture as he, ahem, tried to climb on a stone sculpture/installation just outside the doors.  Because I didn't have a good answer, I pretended not to hear and instead told him that he was going to get us in trouble. But then I bought him cookies from the cafe and we hit the patio to see these things up close.  It was fun.

According to the Nasher's marketing and communications manager Wendy Livingston, the cast bronze figures are on loan from the Richard Gray Gallery until the spring when they will be removed.....along with the trees.  This work is entitled The Heart of Trees and was created in 2007 by Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa, who is a regular household name in the Triangle.  Enjoy it while it lasts friends.

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