Friday, April 15, 2011

making a haul from one the country's best and oldest blueberry nurseries

Finch plants  for sale and pickup at Club Blvd. Elementary's first annual blueberry bush fundraiser, held two weeks ago...

Finch Nursery is also well known for their handmade bluebird houses
I've helped hustle blueberry bushes by the truckload over the last few weeks. These have come from Finch Nursery in Bailey, NC...not too far from Wilson. It's been well worth the two hour round trip. My son's school has been selling them as a PTA/Garden Club fundraiser. And it's been a wild success. I'm in charge of the sale next year. We are thinking about expanding to include muscadine vines along with the blueberries. Send me an email if you know a good grower in North Carolina.

Lehrich Ford

Dan Finch started the nursery over 50 years ago
Driving into the nursery, you will notice  the large groves/windbreaks of Empress Trees. A fascinating sight in early April when they bloom

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