Thursday, May 19, 2011

Duke commutes: May

I've been busy these last few weeks, both with my job as a research administrator at Duke and taking care of my own home yarden. Thankfully,  it is bright enough in the mornings that I can get some work done outside before my house wakes up.  I've finally done all the transplanting, pruning, and potting that I wanted to do by April 15. It only took me an extra month.

From inside the historic terraces at Sarah Duke Gardens where folks were (justifiably) peony crazed all month long. This may be the best shot I've ever taken in the terrace garden.

Wherever the porcelain berry wants to grow, it has led some of us to think it might be a wild hop vine.  And yes, that would be me.  I was very disappointed to learn otherwise. This picture is from near the Davison Bldg. on West Campus and definitely the best shot I have ever taken of an exotic invasive.

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