Thursday, February 25, 2010

is anticipatory a word?

It’s hard to get under the crust of  routine and appreciate what you see every day. Photographs help. Yesterday I took several while on my lunch break in Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Even though there are a lot of bulbs, shrubs, and trees due to bloom in the next two months, it is also worthwhile to take notes on what things look like before they flower or berry or exfoliate or do whatever it is that make them "desirable" in someone's garden book. You can grow daylillies  because they look good coming out of the ground in March--three months before everyone else notices them.


above-emerging daylillies at the base of a large red cedar tree.
left- Cornelian cherry buds
below-hellebore flowers

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Victor Gordon said...

follow up:
okay, it looks like I can't spell daylilies and of course anticipatory is a word.

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