Monday, March 1, 2010

gardening at night

With a full time day job and two young kids, you can imagine that it is hard to find time to be a landscape designer and garden writer in my "spare time."  It only gets more difficult when the weather warms and the garden pulls me out of doors.  I am still planning to blog more this year but the trade-off will likely be less long form posts, a reliance on more photographs than paragraphs, and of course, the inevitable half baked idea or piece of erroneous information.

Here's this week's list of things to do:
*make more business cards
*check in on my conifer query on the always interesting garden web forum
*photograph old jonquils on Chapel Hill road
*check out a cedar post arbor in a yard off Broad street.
*finish spreading mulch
*watch for germinating seeds under my grow lights (hollyhock, candytuft, cornflower, and poppy)

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