Thursday, April 15, 2010


This picture was taken from my car last Friday night as I drove through Rutherford County in southwestern North Carolina. I spent the weekend on a landscaping project for my in-laws and really enjoyed the chance to think about someone else’s yard and actually put some stuff in the ground. The plants I purchased, cottoneaster and a low growing gardenia, were chosen to replace several large foundation shrubs that had to be pulled out by a tractor..….unfortunately I didn't make it in time to use the tractor myself.

The weather was so nice, it was almost eerie. I made my way  into North Carolina's "thermal belt" via a leisurely tour of backroads south of Interstate 40. On Hwy 64 from Rutherfordton to Morganton, I noticed dozens of ancient dogwoods in full bloom. They seemed to be much larger than the ones I usually see in central North Carolina….must be that near-mountain air, I suppose.

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Gene said...

I agree using the tractor would have been a highlight for me. I used my pickup this winter to pull out a 6 year old ornamental after topping it and cutting some of the roots. Made for a good weekend. I have had good luck with Gardenia radicans and just a couple of weeks ago found a cotoneaster standard in the clearance bin at a local nursery--it is blooming now so I'm hopefull that it will like it's new home.

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