Monday, April 12, 2010

my yard and garden: pics from april 12th

It's over. Winter, I guess. I left town this weekend and was amazed at what I are some things that caught my eye before dinner this afternoon, although I've been scheming about which photos to shoot for over a week now. Enjoy!

Pictured from top to bottom L to R: 
fresh leaves from my pint sized Dawn Redwood
white candytuft blooms
old fashioned bluebells
Dutch iris and a 'knockout rose'
a tiny leaf from a my celeste fig
flower clusters from a red-twig dogwood
small pecan leaves and pollen clusters against the sky
poet's narcissus 'actaea'
Carolina jessamine vine
pink dogwood
'mellow yellow' a trademarked version of Spiraea thunbergi 'Ogon' that I picked up at the JC Raulston plant distribution-event two or three years ago. ... I was a week or two late to catch it covered in white flowers.

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Alice and Stuart said...

We have a dawn redwood as well, newly planted last year. from camellia forest. one of my favorite trees---we were so excited to see it leaf out this year. sorry to have missed you and your family at market! We must have been busy, but I'm glad Stuart got to meet you all. Love the blog about Kerria japonica. Looks like a winner.

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