Monday, August 30, 2010

back from a break...

okay, it's been three years since I started this blog and I have had to struggle sometimes to pay attention to it. This last month has been one of those times. But I realized that taking pictures, posing questions, and studying gardens and gardening are really enjoyable activities for me. So... I am back from a self-imposed break to have fun again and see where that takes me.

Pictured above are two things that are representative of what I call late-late summer. Humidity and the sun's lowering trajectory can result in some very dramatic cloudscapes in August and September. I have taken more pictures of clouds in the past week than I have all year. I expect that trend to continue. The other photograph is from a tuberose growing at the North Carolina Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill. It smells incredible. Along with crinums and ginger lillies, tuberoses are some of the most fragrant things that a flower gardener can produce. And all three of these can be blooming in September around here. What a nice thought.


Victor Gordon said...

in case anyone is wondering I did not stick my nose next to this spider...i am relying on other tuberose-sniffing experiences to inform my opinion that "it smells incredible"

Randy Emmitt said...

That Green Lynx Spider would not have bothered you! I have a killer photo of two of those spiders hanging from a pickerel weed bloom here somewhere.

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