Tuesday, August 31, 2010

purple is not my favorite color BUT

It is hard not to like the Ironweeds. They really do look like "weeds" if your definition of a weed is something tall and not quick to flower. Veronia noveboracensis is one of those 6-8 foot tall stalks that sometimes falls over and sometimes dies back after a couple of years.  So it might not make a bestseller list. But if something looks good in September; naturalizes in dry and wet soil; attracts birds, bugs and butterflies; and has a super cool villainous name.....then, sign me up for a start. It is one of two wildflowers that Charles Frazier mentions more than once in Cold Mountain. I am not sure why I remember that.... (the other is Joe Pye weed).

from my yard
From the Golden Nature Guide "Flowers: A Guide to Familiar American Wildflowers" Golden Press, 1964.

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