Wednesday, September 8, 2010

other people's wwws: N&O Sunday op-eds

If you read the editorial page every Sunday in the News and Observer, you are probably familiar with the bit of seasonal musing-cum-nature writing that lands somewhere on the left hand side of the fishwrap. I am almost 100% certain that Bob Simpson writes these unattributed gems. Simpson is an old-school outdoorsman and journalist who has been writing for the N&O for a long time. I tried to find a really good bio. of him online but ran out of time on today’s lunch break. Here is the link to last Sunday’s piece. I have come close to writing him a fan letter now and again; I don't think a blog post counts. These weekly reflections on topics such as waterfowl migration, constellations, plant life, and Native American lore, help me keep track of how our seasons shift. 

Wright's viburnum = bird feeder

White oak acorn. I pulled it off and put it on the sidewalk. 
I was thinking on fall when  I took several picutures this morning. Even though there is plenty of summer heat and foliage to obscure my commute through Sarah P. Duke Gardens, the signs of autumn are in the making.

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