Friday, July 23, 2010

the grass is bluish/greeny-bronze-red on the other side

I have been cleaning out my basement over the past week and putting it back together again. My time in the garden has been on the way to get the mail, trashcans, newspaper, etc. I've noticed some things but I haven't taken the time to really get down on my knees and study what's going on. Until today. Here is a clutch of old fashioned four o' clocks that has volunteered next to a fence and beside this clump of little bluestem. A Japanese spirea (not pictured) was hiding the arrangement.

I've got a half-dozen or more "ornamental grasses" in my yard, not counting monkey grass (which doesn't count anyway, it's in the lily family).
Of all these, the little bluestem may be my favorite. Unlike the one pictured in the hyperlink, mine is very blue. The stems turn reddish in the late fall.

Because I am a plant collector and am often crowding things together, I don't have room in my yard for a large sweep of anything. But if I did I would love to experiment with this grass.

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